At Kids Place we believe that all children deserve love, nurture, guidance and attention. We believe that a safe environment allows children to explore and grow. We provide children with hands-on learning experiences and explorations of the child's interest. We provide opportunities for children to develop problem solving, motor, manipulative, communication skills and plenty of room for arts and creativity.


Kids Place believes that positive reinforcement is important for children to develop good self-esteem. Children need an environment that supports free expression and stimulates learning. Most importantly, however, we believe that children need to have fun! Children learn best from experiencing the world around them, which is why we embrace child initiative activities "free play" and structure time that contributes to a child's readiness for school and academic success.

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Serving children Toddler, Preschool &
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Kids place mission is to provide each child with high quality care covering the child as a whole: physically, socially, emotionally and academically. And to meet the parent's childcare needs.